In March 2022, Amma Australia Organisations launched the Flood Appeal for QLD & NSW to support those suffering significant loss from the recent floods. Despite what has been recognised as ‘collective fatigue’ following the 2019-2020 bushfires and Covid-19 challenges, our community galvanised into action, offering donationsfundraising and providing crucial assistance on the ground for those affected by the floods.

We extend our sincere gratitude for your selflessness and generosity of spirit. Thank you!

We have now formally brought this appeal to a close and are delighted to share that through donations and fundraising, our community raised over $22,000.

In addition to gaining much needed financial support nationally, we’d like to acknowledge the incredible efforts of Amma’s Byron Bay group. Although personally affected, this community identified key areas of need in consultation with community leaders, social workers and the Bunjum Aboriginal Corporation. Focusing on channelling aid into small projects with high impact, their work has had a profound effect on many people’s lives.


Appeal success

To date, Amma Australia Organisations have:

  • Purchased and distributed over $10,000 grocery vouchers and committed to a further $4,000.
  • Cooked and distributed over 300 meals.
  • Provided 50 First Aid Kits to First Nations communities, local services and residents. These kits were tailored to treat wounds and prevent mosquito borne illness.
  • Supplied weekly fruit boxes for displaced First Nations families from Cabbage Tree Island as well as 37 lunchbox snacks for the community’s children (ongoing for next 5 months).
  • Purchased a reading book pack for 37 First Nations children from Cabbage Tree Island School.
  • Designed and distributed 10 care packs for the homeless containing a backpack, sleeping bag, tarp, travel towel and toiletries.

Our volunteers continue to provide humanitarian aid and identify needs in the communities most affected. One upcoming initiative will focus on gathering much needed items to help flood victims through the cold winter months via a free community-led OpShop service.

We will be sure to keep you abreast of future activities made possible by your generous support!

With gratitude to all,

Amma Australia