Messages Regarding COVID-19

Message from Amma Australia Directors

Dear friends and devotees of Amma,

Over the last two months, Australian Amma Groups have been holding virtual satsangs and spiritual discourses which have helped many stay connected. With Government restrictions on gatherings easing around Australia, we are looking forward to reintroducing in-person events. Reopening times will vary from state-to-state depending on local regulatory protocols on social distancing. However, we anticipate that some groups will be able to explore the possibility of recommencing certain activities from mid-June 2020.

To ensure the safety of participants and volunteers, prevention measures will be put in place guided by Federal, State and Local Governments regulations. COVIDSafe plans for each group include mandatory 1.5m physical distancing between every person, as well as hygiene practices such as use of hand sanitizer and regular hand washing. In order to comply with State gathering guidelines, new attendance procedures and limits may be introduced.

In further news, we are pleased to announce two initiatives that have been established to support communities impacted by COVID-19:

The first is the ‘Amrita Pantry’ initiative, which aims to support individuals, families and community groups in need of food items and basic essentials, under the auspice of Amrita Australia limited. The inaugural food drive begins in June with support of the Byron Bay Community Centre. The Byron Bay Amma group will coordinate the collection and provision of free food boxes for individuals and families experiencing hardship as a result of the pandemic.

The second initiative is a national prayer and meditation for the peace and wellbeing of the planet and all beings effected by the recent pandemic. The prayer includes a Ganapathi / Guru Homa on Guru Purnima day on Sunday 5 July. This event will be held at Amma’s Ashram in Melbourne (depending on the Victorian Government’s policy on religious gatherings at that time). An update will be provided closer to the event.

Our prayers and thoughts remain for the well-being of all in the world, particularly those suffering. Amma continues to guide and encourage us to follow health and hygiene measures to ensure we do not lose the gains we’ve made so far. In her most recent series of messages, Amma encourages the world to join together with sincere effort and patience. These efforts, plus a positive attitude, will make a big difference in how we navigate this time and overcome difficulties.

Please look out for event and news updates in your local newsletters and on the Amma Australia website, Facebook pages and other social media outlets. We look forward to being connected – both virtually and in-person, and we pray that you and your loved ones keep well and safe!

In Peace

Directors of MA Centre (Aust) Foundation and Amrita Australia Limited


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