Messages Regarding COVID-19

Aum Amriteswaryai Namah

Message from Amma Australia Directors

Dear friends and devotees of Amma,

We have been closely monitoring the emerging situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are aware of the uncertainty felt by so many worldwide. After much consideration, we regret to inform you that we will be suspending all in-person satsangs and public programs until further notice. This includes cessation of all public programs at the Melbourne Ashram and any events across Australia scheduled under the MA Centre and Amrita Australia Ltd organisations.

This decision was made taking into account current directives and precautionary advice from health authorities with regard to preventing further spread of the virus. It is also in line with actions taken by Amma’s other international organisations. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. It is nevertheless our responsibility as an organisation to prioritise your health.

We will continue to assess the situation on a weekly basis and provide regular updates regarding our activities going forward. Updates will be available through the Amma Australia website, email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Amma recently spoke about the virus and the tools provided in spirituality to help us cope with the current situation and also emphasized the need to follow health department preventative advice (see full message below). In addition to the preventative measures mentioned above, we will continue to pray for the situation to improve as per Amma’s guidance. We are also working to facilitate online satsang, meditation and prayer.

We thank all of our satsang members and supporters for your understanding as we adapt to these challenging times together and we pray that with God’s Grace, this situation passes quickly.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all the health professionals who continue to offer their skills and services. We pray for their health and well-being.

Aum Shanti

Directors of MA Centre (Aust) Foundation and Amrita Australia Limited

Amma’s Message on COVID-19

Amma's Message on COVID-19“Children, with the coronavirus spreading to more and more countries, people all over the world are experiencing a lot of fear, anxiety and confusion. Everyone should pray intensely and work together to overcome the situation and endure these trying times.

The Ashram has received instructions from the Central and State Health Departments, and they have dictated to us certain precautionary steps and preventative measures that we have to follow. Everyone should understand the gravity of the situation and cooperate. Slight carelessness on our part could be disastrous, so Amma hopes all of you understand.

Amma is not afraid of anything—not even death. My only desire is to embrace people, giving them solace and comfort when they are distressed, even when I breathe my last. In the past 45 years, Amma hasn’t cancelled a single program due to any physical inconvenience, fear of circumstances, disaster or epidemic. However, Amma has a responsibility to adhere to the authorities’ directives when the whole world is gripped by fear regarding this pandemic.

Spirituality and Vedanta teach us to not run away from the challenging situations in life, but face them courageously. However, how do we do that in the current situation? It’s like a terrorist is waiting just outside your house. The moment you open the door and come out, he will attack you. Similar is the situation with this virus. So, we are left with little choice. In the current scenario, we can only take necessary precautions and pray for divine grace.

Those coming to India from abroad, those going out of India, and even those traveling within the country should follow the recommended precautions and be very careful so that they are safeguarded. If one of the hundreds of people traveling in an airplane has the virus, it could spread to other passengers. So, please be very careful when coming into the country and traveling in general.

The selfish things man has done to Nature are now coming back in the form of such epidemics. In 2002, Amma warned of the possibility of tragedies such as this and natural calamities occurring in the world. That is when Amma began to chant “Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” [“Om. May all beings everywhere be peaceful and happy”] on a daily basis in the ashram and on her tours, and encouraged her children all over the world to chant it daily as well. Two years back, we started the “White Flower Meditation” for world peace because Amma also felt some hardships would come in 2020.

So, let us offer our heartfelt prayers to the divine and pray for grace while putting in as much effort as we can. In this way, may we be able to prevail over this difficult situation facing humanity. With grace, may the current situation soon pass.”

~ Amma

11 March, 2020.

Important Notice from the Indian Ashram

We are sorry to inform you that due to the extremely heightened restrictions specified to the Mata Amritanandamayi Math as preventative measures by the Health Department — including mandatory quarantines, daily health checks, and other protocols — currently, the Ashram cannot allow anyone to enter Amritapuri Ashram. This includes Indian nationals as well as foreign-passport-holders (including OCI-holders). This includes both day visits and overnight stays. This policy is irrespective of any amount of time the individual may have been within the nation of India.

With prayers and grace, this situation will change. Until then, please feel free to check for updates.

Mata Amritanandamayi Math, India.