The Halls Creek OpShop Project:  in support of Remote Aboriginal Communities.

Amrita Australia Limited is collecting donations of preloved items to support the Halls Creek OpShop, located in Western Australia.

This project is a collaboration associated with Circulanation, an Australian charitable organisation that heads the national Remote OpShop Project, which is an initiative to support the development of independent locally-owned OpShops in Aboriginal communities throughout remote Australia.

Several community groups have formed to take a pro-active role in facilitating the creation of local OpShops. These community-driven social enterprises generate independent funding that is used to seed creative projects and new opportunities.

Amrita Australia is contributing to this initiative by supporting the Halls Creek community OpShop.


About Halls Creek

Halls Creek is located in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia between the towns of Fitroy Crossing and Turkey Creek (Warmun) on the Great Nothern Highway. Approximately 1300 people live in Halls Creek, and there are six languages spoken these include Jaru, Kija, Gooniyandi, Kukatja, Kriol and English.

Where is the OpShop?

The OpShop is located in the Halls Creek Child and Parent Centre. The Centre provides programs for parents and families, supporting many in the development of health and learning outcomes for children from newborn to kindy or pre-school age.

The Child and Parent Centre also acts as a hub for agencies to access the community. Scheduled visits are made by a variety of agencies including child health nurses, occupational therapist, speech therapists and mental health practitioners.

Halls Creek Child and Parent Centre
thumbnail_Chantelle and Ty Olas, Erin and Tilia

What happens to profits from the OpShop?

All profits from the sale of goods at the OpShop go towards community led projects at the Halls Creek Child and Parent Centre.


Amrita Australia is collecting donations of quality pre-loved clothes and household items to send to Halls Creek.  These include:

  • Clothing, Men, Women, kids and babies - Summer cottons and natural fibres preferred
  • Socks – all sizes. Sheets, pillow slips, towels, tea towels, bedding and linens.
  • Kids Hats, Babies clothes

Please Note: We cannot accept items that are ripped or torn. Electrical items are also not accepted. All clothing must be washed and clean.


In December 2019 Amrita Australia committed to send 200kg of items to Halls Creek. We are pleased to announce this goal has been achieved. 

A message from Vicki at the Child-Parent Centre in Halls Creek:

Thank you so much for the tremendous donations, especially from Amma Groups in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  The donations were greatly appreciated from the families of Halls Creek community.  Our first pop-up op shop raised $1000.  Thank you once again to one and all!


Tax deductible donations through Amrita Australia Limited can be made online.


To find out more about this project email:

Thank you for your support!

AAL acknowledges and respects Elders past, present and emerging. 

Fulfilling Our Vision

The development of our projects is a major step towards fulfilling Amrita Australia’s primary purpose of providing relief for the poor and needy and in promoting a vision for a more loving, caring and compassionate society based on developing qualities such as love, patience, respect for others and selfless service.